Combat Arms: Line of Sight

Dear Combat Arms: Line of Sight fans,

We are writing today to let you know that, after careful consideration, and as part of our recent portfolio adjustment, Nexon Europe has taken the difficult decision to discontinue the publishing process of Line of Sight. The game may still be available in the near future under a different publisher, as the developers at Blackspot will continue to work on the game.

We understand that this may disappoint many of you, so we would like to take the time to explain what lead us to this decision.

For us, the goal of Line of Sight has always been to offer an enhanced, next gen, unique experience to our fans. We dived passionately into this project, working around the clock to ensure the game would receive the success it deserves. If you have been following us, you have probably witnessed our tireless efforts to test, polish, and advertise the project over the last year.

During the test sessions, we gathered feedback from passionate gamers. While analyzing the results, we realized that the direction taken by Line of Sight did not really fit our vision and focus for the Combat Arms brand identity.

For our core community, Combat Arms is all about fast-paced military action, and a hardcore sense of competitiveness. Line of Sight, while still an amazing game, was drifting too far away from these core factors.

We are aiming high for our Combat Arms players. That is why we have decided that we need to focus primarily on them and on the game they already love. As we are speaking, our teams are hard at work to prepare the biggest update in the history of the game, bringing to life exciting new features and much awaited improvements to our existing content.

Combat Arms remains a crucial focus for us here at Nexon Europe, and we want to give the game the best care possible in the future.

If you wish to stay informed about the future of Line of Sight, we invite you to support and follow Blackspot on their official website. We wish them the best of luck and a bright gaming future to Line of Sight.

Gamerly yours,
Nexon Europe Publishing Team

Note to our beta testers: If you have participated in the closed beta, you will soon receive an epic Combat Arms thank you gift from us. We hope you’ll enjoy it! Learn more here.

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